Designed by Uniya Filonova

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makeupbyaly7342: "I absolutely adore you. Ur posts are simply amazing. What is your nickname? Can we be friends there?"

what is
is this a spam message

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Waves, designed by Meenakshi Mukerji, 30 units.

With wave pattern paper, also by the waves ayy

Diagrammed in Origami Inspirations, Folded by me, no glue.


Designed by Ekaterina Lukasheva

7.5 by 7.5

30 Pcs

Diagrammed in Kusudama Origami


Designed by Ekaterina Lukasheva

7.5 by 7.5

30 Pcs

Vortex Dodecahedron (variation)

Designed by Meenakshi Mukerji

7.5 by 7.5

30 pcs

foldawayorigami replied to your post “currently i have paper that is striped on one side and polka dotted on…”

Paper striped on one side and spotted on the other…How can you not be folding a mushroom? ;)


Refolded Iridessa by Uniya Filonova

//sorry for inconsistent lighting

currently i have paper that is striped on one side and polka dotted on another and idk its kind of hard to use but im doing it im doing it alright

Hey guys


Is anyone who lives in Missouri planning on going up to Dubuque, IA on the weekend of Nov 21-23?

I need a ride to auditions and my parents decided to cancel on me

3 things

green one is Mystic by Ekaterina Lukasheva, 7.5 by 7.5 paper

red one is Sea Captain by Maria Sinayskaya, 7.5 paper again

blue one is Snow Star by Uniya Filonova, 5 by 7.5 paper

re: this

sorry for gross lighting they all look kinda gross but just for all of yall to see how far ive gone

now im back home so going to start tagging things i posted before/post new things/link to tutorials if any of yall want em


Ball of Roses v2 designed by Valentina Minayeva


Kusudama Electra designed by Thomas Hull (30 pcs) Instructions

Roses designed by JAMRA ([3+5+7]*12 pcs) Instructions

Leaves and Rosebuds designed by MaryBond (12 pentagons, 20 squares) Instructions

I feel so proud of this one…took me nearly a month to finish too


Harmony Paper Things