PHiZZ Wreath, 360 units, designed by Thomas Hull. - [diagram]

Folded by me, no glue.



!!!! i !!!! am !!!! in !!!! bellevue art museum !!!! right now!!!! and they have an origami exhibit!!!!
and there is so much cool stuff and modulars and the original six intersecting pentagonal prisms is here!!!! right here!!!! in front of me!!!! and stuff from tomoko fuse and heinz strobl and tom hull and miyuki kawamura and krystyna burckzyk!!!!! im v excited

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Rito Ria, 90 units, designed by Uniya Filanova. - [tutorial]

Folded by me, no glue.


Designed by Enrica Dray

7.5 by 7.5

8 Pcs

Unit and Assembly

Passiflora Bicolor (aka Passiflora-V)

Designed by Ekaterina Lukasheva

7.5 by 7.5

30 Pcs

Diagrammed in Kusudama Origami

Anonymous: "Hey, it's Aleks from origamish, it's been a while, how are you doing?"


idk this seems like a really inconvenient system for messaging bc all public and all

make a disposable acc real quick and ask me off anon for skype or email or w/e you find convenient

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Anonymous: "I just wanted to say that the things you create/share are awesome and that you are awesome. :D"


remember to stay safe all yall

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Another Slide-Together, from Decagrams.

Designed by George Hart

12 Pcs

Templates, Instructions (that I didn’t use this time around either)

These are not origami; they are achieved by cutting slots into paper and then sliding the slots into each other; there is no folding involved (except during cutting the pieces out, maybe). No tape or glue required.

Slide-Togethers (Sqaures and Triangles)

Designed by George Hart

30 and 20 Pcs


Instructions that I did not use but you are welcome to…

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Refolded Mandarin for the giveaway: to be sent to a-horn-in-f.

Designed by Ekaterina Lukasheva

3.75 by 7.5

30 Pcs

The diagram is now in Kusudama Origami (her book) but originally I reverse engineered it.

this gif is floating around without instructions/credit to designer so I feel it is my duty to tell all of you that the instructions are here

Origami by Children | OrigamiUSA

Why did nobody tell me this existed

Anonymous: "Where do you found the instructions to make origami?"




I search on Google, YouTube and other origami Tumblrs. Some instructional websites link to others and that’s another good way to find them. Finding instructions for something I actually want to fold has become the hardest part lately.


Or they could have meant that… The question could have gone either way. List here

i meant the page /modellist on my blog if you ever want things :p

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