Amaryllis, 30 units, designed by Miyuki Kawamura - [diagram]

Folded by me, no glue, made from tracing paper and held up to a light for a rad effect.

Slide-Together from Pentagons

Designed by George Hart

12 Pcs


Assembly Help


Diamond Bridge designed by Miyuki Kawamura


I’m currently featured in the Artists section of the Tumblr Spotlight! Thank you to Tumblr for choosing me and thank you to my followers for all the support! This blog wouldn’t be where it is today without you guys. 

you’re pretty much there to stay i think, you dont get booted easily

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Pretty Ball

Designed by Anzhelika Pas’ko

7.5 by 7.5

30 Pcs

Instructions p1 | p2

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Model: Mette Units

Designer: Mette Pederson

Folder: Akizhi

Units: 360 pieces in total, for individual rings are 18 units.

it’s like
a slinky?!?!?! thats connected around the other end!!!!!?!?!?! wow

Lang sucks as, good luck with that shit

im not in lang

it was just on the topic of summer reading in general

EDIT: im in the IB equivalent of lang evidently so thanks


(im not ready for anything ever)

(i just want to sit here and write music and fold and be happy)

For AP Language and Composition, I have to read two books over the summer that I really would rather not read. :(

i mean i can read the thing but i just hate packets

someone do my summer packet for me pls
its a summer reading thing on a hero of our time by lermontov


PHiZZ Wreath, 360 units, designed by Thomas Hull. - [diagram]

Folded by me, no glue.



!!!! i !!!! am !!!! in !!!! bellevue art museum !!!! right now!!!! and they have an origami exhibit!!!!
and there is so much cool stuff and modulars and the original six intersecting pentagonal prisms is here!!!! right here!!!! in front of me!!!! and stuff from tomoko fuse and heinz strobl and tom hull and miyuki kawamura and krystyna burckzyk!!!!! im v excited

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Rito Ria, 90 units, designed by Uniya Filanova. - [tutorial]

Folded by me, no glue.


Designed by Enrica Dray

7.5 by 7.5

8 Pcs

Unit and Assembly

Passiflora Bicolor (aka Passiflora-V)

Designed by Ekaterina Lukasheva

7.5 by 7.5

30 Pcs

Diagrammed in Kusudama Origami

Anonymous: "Hey, it's Aleks from origamish, it's been a while, how are you doing?"


idk this seems like a really inconvenient system for messaging bc all public and all

make a disposable acc real quick and ask me off anon for skype or email or w/e you find convenient

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